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Asiri: Let Siri Speak Your Language


I would like to introduce to you Asiri, the SiriProxy plugin that allows Siri to talk and interpret many other languages, that are not currently supported by Apple. As with SiriProxy, It doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone 4S, unless you’re not using iPhone 4S.

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Experimenting with Android and Arduino

Experimenting with Android and Arduino

Ever since I got into the world of mobile development, I always wanted to do more than just writing apps. I always wanted to interact with the physical world with my mobile. So lately, I have discovered an awesome open source electronics i/o board called Arduino. I ordered one from Sparkfun, and it took around 20 days to get to me, it would’ve gotten to me a little earlier, if the carrier company didn’t think it was an explosive unit.

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Qontacts Support For Maemo and More Updates

Qontacts for Maemo

I’m happy to announce today, that I have officially added the Maemo platform, to the list of platforms that Qontacts supports. I have received a lot of requests to support the Maemo platform, e.g. Nokia N900, and I’m glad that it’s finally out there for the public. I have updated the main website, with screenshots, and information, as well as the help section, with instructions on how to download and install the app.

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Qontacts Official Public Release

Today I’m really happy to announce the official public release of the free, open source, cross platform mobile application Qontacts v1.0.

Qontacts is a mobile application, that can update your address book contacts, stored on your handset, to the new Qatari numbering plan, in a fast and easy way. I’ve already introduced the pre-release version last week, and it was very well received by the public, and I was very happy that it did. Here are some of what the media was writing about it:

  1. Qatari developer’s number updating software, a major hit
  2. شاب قطري يصمم برنامجاً لتعديل الأرقام المحفوظة على الهاتف الجوال

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Qontacts: Mobile App that Updates Qatari Contacts Pre-Release


I am about to officially release Qontacts, the open source cross platform mobile app, that updates all of the Qatari contacts stored on the mobile handset’s address book.

Starting from July 28, 2010, phone numbers in Qatar will be expanded from seven to eight digits. Qontacts works by analyzing your contacts, that are stored on your device, then displays contacts which need to be updated to the new Qatari numbering plan.

I have been working very hard on it for the past 4 months, and so excited that it will get out soon. The iPhone version is already out, and you can get it from the AppStore right now. As for the rest, there will be a BlackBerry, Android, and Java ME versions coming out soon.

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A New Era in My Life

A new era has started in my life, and today marks this era. I have been quiet for the past few months, and that is due to the transition that I’ve began taking early this year.

If you don’t know me that well, I have been an active web developer, who develops and writes mainly in Arabic, on a blog called Almashroo.

Web development has been my passion for the past 10 years, and I couldn’t imagine a day, where I don’t write a JavaScript line here, and PHP line there, complementing them with some (X)HTML and CSS.

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