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Qontacts: Mobile App that Updates Qatari Contacts Pre-Release


I am about to officially release Qontacts, the open source cross platform mobile app, that updates all of the Qatari contacts stored on the mobile handset’s address book.

Starting from July 28, 2010, phone numbers in Qatar will be expanded from seven to eight digits. Qontacts works by analyzing your contacts, that are stored on your device, then displays contacts which need to be updated to the new Qatari numbering plan.

I have been working very hard on it for the past 4 months, and so excited that it will get out soon. The iPhone version is already out, and you can get it from the AppStore right now. As for the rest, there will be a BlackBerry, Android, and Java ME versions coming out soon.

Key Features

  1. Analyze and display contacts that need to be updated, with how many phone numbers to update.*
  2. Preview the updated numbers of your contacts, before you update.
  3. Select some, or all of your contacts, to do batch update.
  4. Fully localized to Arabic, and English languages.**

* Qontacts smart analysis detects only the Qatari numbers, that are 7 digits in length, or starting with 00974, or starting with +974. It won’t update any updated numbers, i.e. with 8 digits, or numbers that don’t conform to the rules of the new numbering plan, defined by ictQATAR.

** The display language is based on your handset’s settings, for example, if your handset is set to Arabic, it’ll display Arabic interface.

Supported Handsets

  1. iOS 3.0 or later (Tested on iOS 4)
  2. BlackBerry 4.5 or later
  3. Android 1.5 or later
  4. Any device capable of running Java ME apps (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc)


Here are screenshots of Qontacts, running on the above mentioned platforms.













Download the Pre-Release version

A pre-release version is now available. You can download the pre-release version by going to the following URL, from your supported handset device, and it will auto detect your handset, and push the right version of Qontacts to your device.

The full source code of these apps will be released in the upcoming days on my page at Github.

I will really appreciate the feedback, and please don’t forget to rate the iPhone version.