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Qontacts Official Public Release

Today I’m really happy to announce the official public release of the free, open source, cross platform mobile application Qontacts v1.0.

Qontacts is a mobile application, that can update your address book contacts, stored on your handset, to the new Qatari numbering plan, in a fast and easy way. I’ve already introduced the pre-release version last week, and it was very well received by the public, and I was very happy that it did. Here are some of what the media was writing about it:

  1. Qatari developer’s number updating software, a major hit
  2. شاب قطري يصمم برنامجاً لتعديل الأرقام المحفوظة على الهاتف الجوال

Qontacts Behind the Scenes

This project has been in the making for 4 months, ever since ictQATAR’s announcement. I’m really proud that it is going public for free, that is free as in “free speech”, and free as in “free water”.

I’ve spent so much time, and money, developing it, from buying all sorts of mobile handsets to test on, to getting certified from RIM, and Apple, in order to develop and publish apps on their platforms. However, I was very glad to do it, because I knew that this kind of application will be very important to the Qatari community, and I wanted to help my country, even if that meant to sacrifice, at least I knew the community will find it useful.

I wanted Qontacts to be free for everybody, not just for people who belong to one mobile operator, and not the rest. That made me lose offers, and probably my current job, but I think I’ve made the right choice.


I would like to thank everybody who participated in Qontacts development, either by testing it, and giving me comments and suggestions, or by giving me the moral support I really needed. These people are:

  1. Tariq Alsada
  2. Hassan Albader
  3. Ahmad Mustafa Noor
  4. Ammar Fakhoury
  5. Josh Weiner

Finally, I hope that you will find Qontacts useful, and if you did, you can consider donating to help me continue developing such useful applications.