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National Day of Qatar

Mobile Apps Suite


What was it?

It’s the The official mobile app suite of the National Day of Qatar (18th of December). Which includes 3 different apps targeting multiple platforms, like, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

18th of December

You can follow the Qatari national day activities on your iPhone/iPad. Share your visits, and pictures to the activities, with your friends and family. Access the large photo, and video library from the past years. Get all the information that you need about Qatar’s rich history, and its founder Sheikh Jasim Bin Mohammad Bin Thani.

Windows Phone

18th of December Forum

With “18 of December Forum”, you can access the official national day of Qatar forums directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. - Send and receive PM’s - Access and post to the most recent discussions - Read and post to vBulletin blogs and articles - View vBulletin profiles - Customize your mobile account anywhere, anytime.


مؤسس قطر (Qatar’s Founder)

Get to know the founder of the modern State of Qatar, Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed bin Thani -May Allah have mercy on him-. The app مؤسس قطر offers a lot of information about his personal characteristics, which has written, a large and distinctive, to Qatar honorable history.


What was my part?

I was the head of mobile apps, and the project lead. My job consisted of delivering the apps targeting the widest audience possible. On top of this, I was also responsible of developing مؤسس قطر (Qatar’s Founder) app for iPhone.

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